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2 Locations

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DDR3 Memory

Over Allocation


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3 Locations

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DDR4 Memory

No Over Allocation

Supported Software


Host a Minecraft server from version 1.8.9 to latest. We support a wide variety of platforms including Vanilla, Paper, and Forge.


Lavalink is an open-source audio streaming server primarily used for powering music bots in Discord or similar platforms.


MySQL excels with its open-source nature, scalability, high performance, robust security, user-friendliness, and strong community support.


An open-source programming language renowned for its efficiency, fast compilation, simplicity, and built-in features for networking.


Energize your apps with our Node.js hosting. Whether you're building with Vanilla or Express, our platform provides a flexible and robust environment for you.


Elevate your Python projects with our versatile hosting, supporting versions 2.7 to 3.x. Ensure seamless deployment and scalability.

Powered by Hye Ararat

All Enzonet services are powered by the incredible Hye Ararat platform, making managing your community easier than ever before. Bringing a beautiful design while retaining advanced functionality such as snapshots and an advanced web file editor, Hye Ararat brings the highest quality management experience to your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Hye Enzonet plans are deployed instantly. Simply login to the client area and create your server, and like magic, your server will instantly appear.